Magic Organizations

Cyclos Academy

The Cyclos Academy is the biggest academy in the Rahudin Empire. Located in the southern part of the empire, the Academy floats above the city of Menia. Currently there are close to two thousand mages in the fortress island. Instead of a learning facility, the Academy is more of a giant laboratory where mages can experiment with their craft without (at least directly) affecting the general public.

The Academy mages are famous for being overly proud. Often, curiosity is just an excuse to try and fulfill one’s pride. Confrontations between mages are dangerous and fatal, often for both sides, so competitions between mages lies in their research.

Some of the Empire’s best assassins and spies have worked in the Academy, as everyday was a battle to eliminate the competition. The people of Menia are quite wary of the Academy, and often shun anyone with magical powers.

Stormsmith Forge

Aside from the typical mage toiling away in libraries and obsessing over how to twist space and time, another type of mages exist, called the Stormsmiths. Instead of books and libraries, these mages are often found pouring over schematics and machinery. They are the key to making the technological wonders of the Rahudin Empire.

Named due to their affinity with lightning and electricity, Stormsmiths can be found almost anywhere. In villages they are needed to fix various devices and also call the rain. In the cities, no factory can run without them. In the military, their assets have saved thousands of lives.

Combining arcane and scientific knowledge, many of the Stormsmiths are trained in the ‘Forge’, a huge factory in the Iskandria island chain. Unlike the mages, the people does not feel any ill will towards the Stormsmiths.

Druid Coven

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Magic Organizations

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