Mercenary Companies

Benedict’s Devils

Collectively known as the Devils, they are one of the biggest mercenary group in the Rahudin Empire. They are famous for their Airship, still functioning well after a century since their first arrival in Yisoel, which patrols the northern dessert. They have often work with the Empire’s army during the war, and have a good reputations amongst the lord and the people, a reputation Benedict would like to keep.

The name Benedict is passed down through the generations of leader of the Devils. When they are appointed as/take control of/bribed into leadership, they will sacrifice their personal name and take the name of Benedict.

Mostly consisting of duelists and crossbowmen (a rare sight in the rifle dominated army), the Benedict’s Devil still run a few irregulars. These men in the shadows are often spies and, at times, assassins. The member have a tattoo of a a flaming skull somewhere on their body.

Cross Guard

This small and exclusive mercenary is popular with the inner nobility. Trained in both defending their client and proper noble etiquette required to accompany their client to courts and parties. Hired as much for their skills as for their charms, the Cross Guards are often seen as sleazy and pampered by soldiers and other mercenaries.

Pistols are a popular choice of weapons amongst the Cross Guards, while rapiers are a close second. Coincidentally (or probably, because of it) their symbol is a golden rapier and pistol crossing each other, with a crown in the back.

Raven’s Talon

The only pure Airship based mercenary group, the Raven’s Talon are a group of small escort-airships that are often hired to protect cargo-airships and also sea faring vessels. When they are not for hire, they can be found racing in the Star Canyon on the Eastern border of Rahudin Empire.

The sight of their black wing badges often bring an unnecessary headache to bartenders who have had the privileged of serving these rowdy and rude young men. But no matter how rude they are, they have raked up and impressive count of kills during their duties.

Mercenary Companies

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