Rahudin Empire


The Rahudin Empire is the current ruler of the plains of Yisoel.

The Empire spans from the southern plain countries to the dessert in the north. Their major cities are perched on top of the floating islands that exists in some parts of the plains, housing their nobles and valuable engineers and mages from the dangers of bandits and earthquakes.

Those who lives on the ground are mostly farmers and miners who toils everyday to keep up with the demand of the floating cities. They are often plagued by bandits that roamed free in the plains.

The only exception to this is in the border countries, where the cities are on the ground. The Border cities are usually well defended, the castles being the primary defense against any invasion from the mountains or forest, even though after the peace agreement a decade ago there has been no violent clashes between the two sides.


Many centuries ago, Rahudin Salim, along with his fellow riflemen were banished from the Athian Kingdom to the new found land in the East, dubbed as Yisoel. Arriving at the port of Iskandria, penniless and disgraced, the young noble man could only looked into a bleak future of hard work and little pay.

For a few years, he worked as a gun smith for the Athian companies that traded with the local people. During those years, he started making a name for himself as the ‘genius gunsmith’ with his line of high performance rifles. He was also skilled in the act of diplomacy and trade.

His qualities captured the eye of a local nobility, named Zheng Jin, who offered the young man a job in the palace of Iskandria, not as a gunsmith, but rather as a middleman between him and the Athian companies. Rahudin was taught the ways of the decaying Zhou Jin culture and language, while Rahudin taught the ways and language of the Athian’s to Zheng Jin.

A few years later, the local politics and relations crashed, when the horsemen of the Eastern Steeps raided and burnt down the city of Hejin and declared that the Plains belongs to the Horde. The ill-experienced armies of the Zhou Jin were no match for the savagery of the horsemen and hillmen.

Before long, the Horde has reached the gates of Iskandria. Rahudin gathered his old regiment and stand in the walls next to the Zhou Jin defenders. Knowing that it is near impossible for them to survive for long, Rahudin sent a message to the Athian King, requesting for reinforcement to be sent to save the city.

For weeks the siege lasted. With their lack of heavy siege weapons, the attacks at the walls have been thwarted again and again. Battle after battle, the Rahudin Gunmen proved themselves in battle. However, with all their skills and prowess, the number of the Horde was just too many, and their supplies too little.

One day, Rahudin received a reply from the Athian King in the form of two of the Kingdom’s infamous Airships. The two massive floating ships hovered above the city before proceeding to utterly destroy the Horde army besieging the city.

After the battle, Rahudin learned that the two Airships, the Thunderwave and Athius, were not part of the Athian army, but rather mercenaries promised by the wealth of the Zhou Jin. As the mercenary captain, Benedict of Diaka, said, “A new frontier is always good for business.”

Benedict did not just bring much needed men to the battlefield but also engineers who are knowledgeable with the newest weaponry available.

The years after the siege were spent in gaining strength. Iskandria was slowly moved to the floating Island nearby, which is rich in iron and other metals, essential for the military expansion that was soon to come.

It was a slow expansion, but with their new weapons and manpower, the Rahudin Empire grew bit by bit. By the end of the expansion, five airships of the Athius class were protecting the Empire’s borders, while a dozen smaller acted as cargo ships between the floating islands that houses most of the Empire.

Rahudin Empire

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