Rahudin Empire Military

The Silver Wing Legion is the unified force of the military force of the Rahudin Empire. It was first created during the pact agreement between Rahudin, Benedict, and Zheng Jin during the founding year of the Rahudin Empire to push back the invading Horde. In 24 A.F. (After Founding) the first airship made in Rahudin Empire is put into service, creating the beginning for the Air Fleet. In 39 A.F. smaller and faster airships called Escorts are built to counter the Horde’s Dragon Mages.

After the peace agreement was blood-signed by both sides, Benedict II and a few of his selected man left the Legion, claiming that he is not a man to be in such a position. This along with peace, have shrunk the army of 400,000 men by around a quarter.


The Legion is led by four High Generals, one for each point of a compass, who in turn answers to the Emperor himself. The East and North Generals are currently in control of the largest army as it is they who are in charge of the defense of the Horde-Rahudin Empire borders. The South and West Generals are mostly in charge of local defense, such as bandits and pirates.

Famous Regiments/Airship

Rahudin’s Gunmen

Present since the Battle of Iskandria, the Rahudin’s Gunmen are the oldest regiment in the Legion. Famous for their feats during defenses, the Gunmen consists of the best riflemen the Empire has. They answer only to the Emperor as his private troops.

Sky Wing

The Escort Sky Wing is known as the Dragon Hunter. During its decade in the war, the ship brought down at least fifty dragon riders, a record that has not been broken until now. It is one of the few Escort that have survived over twenty battles.

Leagin 4th Light Cavalry

After the disastrous battle in the Armatul Forest, Leagin 4th Light Cavalry was separated from the retreating main army. Determined to not let the Horde forces hit Leagin, Captain Hien of Leagin and his forces started a guerrilla campaign against the Horde army. They slowed down the army, until Leagin was able to receive reinforcement. While most of the regiment is alive, Captain Hien fell during the last attack.

Rahudin Empire Military

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